Get private lessons from KEVIN LUTKE, winner of two National Endowment Awards. He has performed with the great LES PAUL, and has published several articles for GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE (LESSONS AVAILABLE ONLINE) Call 201-403-3200 for more info.


Kevin and Sohan play Ode To Joy

Kevin & Sebastian “Six String Rock”

8 year old plays Bach on Guitar

Kevin has been teaching for more than 20 years. He believes in a flexible method which works with the wants and needs of each student.
He believes it is very important for each student to have the basic fundamentals of music theory and technique. He states that in order for a musician to come to his full potential he must have knowledge. He does not believe in pushing a student to a strict style in the early stages
of development. He wants all his students to be able to go into any field of music, when they find out what their forte and love is.